Next Dance is Ready to Dance Again!

News Flash!!! Hear all about it . . .

Good news! After a two week stay turned into six weeks, we think we have resolved our throttle problem. It took six sea trials, six visits from the John Deere tech and three visits from the ZF tech, but at last they got it. As often is the case in these type of problems, it was a combination of events that triggered it. But today we took her out for our final sea trial for an extended period of time and everything worked normally, and feel confident in her that we can continue our cruising. We have to admit if you have to be stuck some place for an extra four weeks, Marathon Marina in the Florida Keys is not a bad spot. But we are ready to move north. Weather permitting, we will throw off our lines on Tuesday and slowly work our way up to New England, and hopefully Maine. Hopefully our future blogs will cover the wonderful places we visit and people we meet along the way, and nothing about our hot, frustrating engine room.

Many thanks to all of your support, the expertise and patience of the John Deere and ZF technicians, and to Kadey Krogen for standing by us.

Tomorrow we will head to Burdine’s for lunch to have a beer and our last order of fries! For those who have been there, you will understand. Then back to the boat where we will bring aboard our tender and get things ready to go.

On to the next dance, Cha Cha Cha!

So long Marathon Marina . . . see you again some day!

Fair winds and following seas,

Pauline and Mark


6 thoughts on “Next Dance is Ready to Dance Again!

  1. Hello Last Dance,

    I’m in Key West and about to be heading back to Marathon Marina for repairs to my John Deere engine. Hence my comment.
    Who did you use in Marathon for John Deere Service? I’ve got a Heat Exchanger that needs to be replaced and while I’m doing that I may do some other things, John Deere.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Glad you were repaired and you’re off enjoying your Krogen.


    Bob Taylor
    Nordhavn 57


  2. Ha! … Keep on dancin’
    Sorry, but thanks so much for the info. I just spoke with KW Engine Service.
    (I just passed a boat on the way down named “Last Dance” stuck in my mind I guess.)

    Thanks again,

    Bob Taylor


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