Next Dance Has Arrived!


Since her departure from Taiwan, we have received updates on where Palabora (the ship bringing her to Florida) has been periodically during the long trip to the US and Florida. Palabora arrived in Port Everglades on 9/14/15 and our Next Dance splashed for the first time. I drove Mark down to West Palm Beach where he was able to join the crew from Kadey Krogen to bring her up to Stuart, FL where the commissioning process will be completed – canvas installed, electronics completed, carpeting, window treatments, etc. I was a bit jealous about not being on board for the first time she was underway.

We are staying in a little two bedroom cottage in Stuart while the commissioning process is going on. It is adorable inside with all of the white painted cottage board and wicker furniture. It is within walking distance to the marina we will be staying at and also to the historic downtown area, full of restaurants and shops. We will be here until the end of October. Having the cottage as our base will enable us to get everything moved on board the boat after we close in a much more orderly fashion. Here is a picture of the outside.

While we were in Denver, I took a class to learn how to make fused glass. Another Kadey Krogen owner, who is a glass artist, made some glass overlay panels of fused glass to put over some of the port lights (windows) on their boat. I loved them and talked to her about it and decided to make some for our boat. So I spent several weeks before our departure making my own glass panels. Here is a picture of one that I made.

We expect to take possession of her about mid-October. Her first voyage, a relatively short one, will be from Stuart to Fort Lauderdale, where she will be on display for Kadey Krogen at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show the first week of November. Dennis Lawrence, our sales rep from Kadey Krogen will be joining Mark for the trip down. Dennis will help him maneuver the boat into the extremely tight dockage at the show. I think I’m glad I won’t be aboard for this. Here is a photo of what the boat show looks like. Can you imagine the logistics involved in getting all of these boats docked?

Ft. Lauderdale boatshow pic

Kadey Krogen does not build any spec boats, they are all custom for owners. So Kadey Krogen asks owners if they would be willing to allow them to show their boats at shows. We have rented a small house in Fort Lauderdale during the show.

Once Next Dance is back in Stuart, we will be in our slip at Sunset Bay Marina until the end of February. We will be doing some short excursions during that time, visiting ports and anchoring off where we can. Then our plan is to head across Lake Okachobee to Fort Myers and Legacy Harbour Marina for March and April. We are looking forward to seeing our friends Kirby and Susan in Naples, and also Scott and Jean and their new home, also in Naples.

After that we will come back to the east coast, by way of the Keys, and start heading North for the summer. No concrete plans as yet to where we will venture to. We have decided to keep close to the east coast this first year. We know that stuff will happen with a new boat and we want to be somewhere close where repairs/adjustments can be made. There are so many wonderful places to visit along the Intra-coastal waterway, and so many that I have not personally seen.

Many years ago, when we had our last sail boat, we took it from Wisconsin to the Chesapeake Bay via the Great Lakes and Erie Canal. While the boat was hauled for the winter, I managed to break my leg skiing in France and was not able to join Mark for that portion of the trip from Annapolis to Florida. So, I am looking forward to seeing some of the places he was able to visit without me. We are also looking forward to going “outside” and running on the Atlantic Ocean whenever weather and sea conditions permit. No bridges to contend with and a lot quicker! It’s also a great opportunity to have those wonderful dolphins swim alongside our bow. Our boat is a fully ocean-going boat, with a full displacement hull (I’m not going to go into explaining that..). We have no desire to cross the ocean to Europe (well, at least I don’t), but it is good to know that she is very sea worthy in difficult situations. There are certainly times that we get caught up in some tricky situations. In early 2017, our plan is to start heading to the Caribbean, ultimately getting as far as Trinidad. We sailed the beautiful waters of the Eastern Carribean many years ago and are looking forward to getting back there. We also hope that things open up for boaters going to Cuba. We would love to visit there before it changes too much.

That’s it for now. The next Blog will have lots of photos of the interior. So stay tuned!

Until then,

Fair winds and following seas . . .

“CAT TALES” – from Ming and Pema, the Boat Cats IMG_2873

Well, we simply can’t believe it. Last May we got packed up into a car and drove back to Denver, Colorado. To say the least, we were not purrleased. IMG_4107After having the run of our boat and then spending five days in a moving vehicle, and finally four months in a tiny apartment with NO outdoor space – boring! Then a few weeks ago we get packed up again in the car and back to Florida we go. Furriends, something is up. The good news is that our people have rented a little cottage with a great back yard and they are actually allowing us to explore it several times a day – though they always keep us in sight. We have decided to annoy them by constantly crying at the door until they let us out. Meow.
IMG_4147We have heard them talking a lot about “the NEW boat”. We can’t wait to get back onboard a boat again. We love the multiple levels inside, finding secret hiding places our people can’t find us (Meow), and of course exploring the decks and watching everything going on around us. My sister, Pema, loves to jump ship and get our people all worked up, especially when she decides to go on other boats. Me, Ming, I am an angel of course. We think that the boat has arrived because our people are leaving us alone for long periods each day, coming back with lots of packages. But we don’t mind – we just take longer naps! In the meantime, we are enjoying backyard and the great outdoors. I try to catch lizards, but so far they have escaped me! We’ll be sure to send some pictures of us on the new boat when we can. Until then, have a purrfectly wonderful day.

Respectfully submitted,

Ming (with a little input from my sister, Pema)

Ming bought a selfie stick!!

Ming bought a selfie stick!!

3 thoughts on “Next Dance Has Arrived!

  1. Love your glass artistry! I am a big fan of fused glass and your window is gorgeous!
    We had a great summer cruising Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. Plan on driving to Ft Myers the beginning of November. Will look for your new boat at the Ft Lauderdale boat show. Plan on leaving Karty Party II at Legacy again this winter and then completing the east coast side of the loop at the end of Mar or beginning of April. Look forward to meeting up with you and Mark again!


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