The Journey Begins

The house is on the market and we have made the drive across country to the to Norfolk, VA to finally get aboard Next Dance. We are extremely sad to leave Breckenridge, CO and Summit County and all of the many friends we have made over the years. But it is time to move on to the next chapter in life. Mark and I both are looking forward to getting back into boating, especially on our beautiful Kadey Krogen 44.

Our very good friend, Andy Horn, has joined us until we decide to give him the boot! It will be great to have him aboard while we learn the systems and how the boat handles in various conditions. Quite frankly, I will be less likely to yell at Mark with Andy aboard!!  Mark has been working Andy to the bone.  He was particularly pretty surprised at how long and how much work is involved in washing the boat!

Our plan this year is to begin in the Chesapeake Bay, working our way north into Canada, where we will be maneuvering the Rideau Canal system. We have talked to several cruisers who have made this journey and it sounds quite beautiful. We are looking forward to exploring this part of the world.

I have an upcoming trip back to Colorado next week.  I will be meeting Heather and our granddaughters, Ellie and Anna and we will be heading to a dude ranch vacation for a week at Vista Verde, just outside of Steamboat.  It is sure to be an incredible week of fun.  We had originally planned to head up to Annapolis, MD and I was going to fly out of there back to Colorado.  Mark and Andy were then going to keep heading North, and I would meet them in Albany, New York for the remainder of our trip North into Canada. Still having projects to do, we decided rather than rush that I would fly out of here, Norfolk, VA.  With great sadness, one of our very best friends unexpectedly passed away.  I am going to to remain in Summit County for the memorial service and then fly to Albany, New York to meet Mark and Andy.  I must say that I am a bit sad to not be on the first leg of the journey on the boat, learning things as we go.  But I will have plenty of time to catch up after I get back.

Ming and Pema are doing well.  Very interested in all that is going on around them.  We do have to keep a close eye on them.  Pema was enjoying rolling on her back on the upper deck the other day and almost rolled off the edge!  It would have been a long drop to the water.  A surprise she would not have liked.

Pema watching fish on the surface of the water

Pema watching fish on the surface of the water

Hopefully by the time I see Mark and Andy in Albany, our Direct TV will be up and running. Although, we have not missed watching TV at all. Fellow Guest Services/Breckenridge, Linda and Steve Cavanaugh, who happen to have a home in Williamsburg, VA, stopped by and joined us for lunch and a “look see” at the boat. It was great catching up with them. Their son is getting married this weekend – one of the hottest times of the year so far! The heat index today was 97. The good news is that my skin is softer and the air conditioning on the boat is working. Pauline does not like hot and humid unless she can get in the water!

Friends Linda and Steve Cavanaugh stopped by

Friends Linda and Steve Cavanaugh stopped by

We have had some yummy meals onboard. This is one of them – Little Neck Clams over Linguini in a white wine garlic sauce. Declicious!


Until next time, fair winds and calm seas!