Our “Next Dance”

Next Dance

Next Dance

After spending 13 years full time in Breckenridge, Colorado skiing, hiking, biking, fly fishing and making many new friends along the way, my husband, Mark, and I once again got the “boat bug”.  Mark has been sailing most of his life and when I married him 19 years ago, I too, learned to love sailing and boating in general.  It is a very peaceful life in many ways, but always something exciting is always around the corner – a huge thunderstorm, a prop that has spun off, a blocked head (toilet) by a guest aboard, etc., etc.  But for the most part it is so much fun and we had been missing it.  Both of us had big birthdays this year – Mark, 70 and Pauline, 60.  So it was do it now or not at all.  We knew that we wanted to look for a trawler.  Something the two of us could handle easily.  Of course after sailing for a number of years, I had a few requirements – air conditioning, washer and dryer, storage, deck wash down just to name a few!  After looking on the internet and comparing a few brands of trawlers, we always came back to Kadey-Krogen.  When we were sailing years ago and docked in a marina in Florida, we were next to a 39′ Kadey-Krogen.  The owners invited us aboard one night for cocktails.  The fit and finish of a Kadey-Krogen is beautiful.  The layout comfortable and very well-appointed.  It has pretty much everything you would want on it.  Definitely much easier living than a sailboat.

So began our search for a Kadey-Krogen.  After reading a lot of trawler forums, it was clear that we needed to contact Kadey-Krogen in Stuart, Florida directly to get in touch with a broker to help us find a boat.  Because we live in Breckenridge, CO, they put us in contact with Dennis Lawrence of Kadey-Krogen in Seattle, Washington.  Dennis was a joy to work with.  It was our intention not to purchase a boat for another year from now.  We also had been talking about a 39′ trawler.  Well, weren’t we surprised when Dennis called us about a boat that was not on the market, but may be available to purchase if we were interested.  It was a 44′ Kadey-Krogen located in Norfolk, VA.  After receiving photos of the boat, we put an offer on it sight unseen – contingent upon a survey and visual inspection, of course.

Getting Surveyed!

Getting ready to be hauled for bottom survey!

Long story short, we went out to Norfolk, VA for three days to see the boat, conduct a complete survey and sign a contract.  We closed on Friday, September 13, 2013.  We renamed her “Next Dance”.  We already had a trip to Italy toward the end of September, so we planned a trip to Norfolk upon our return to spend most of the month of October on board and doing a “shake-down cruise” in the Chesapeake Bay.  After returning from a wonderful time in Italy, we packed up the car, along with our two Siamese cats, Ming and Pema and took a leisurely drive out east.

Here are a few interior photos –

IMG_0823 IMG_0836 IMG_0837

We had a number of projects to do and and also needed some time to get familiar with the boat before heading out.  However, Murphy’s Law stepped in and brought into Norfolk an unusual south wind which also brought in about 30″ of water. Next Dance is located in a slip which is in a covered shed.  We have a mast which houses some of the electronics such as the radar, which unfortunately could not clear the eve of the shed in order for us to get out.  We even tried lowering the mast, but could only get it down so far before it hit the dinghy on the upper deck.  Even then, we could not get out.  So we spent the majority of the month on the boat continuing to do projects and getting everything ship shape.

Mark’s daughter, Heather, and our two granddaughters, Ellie and Anna joined us for a long weekend.  We took a break from the boat and did some exploring in Jamestown, Williamsburg and Virginia Beach.  Thankfully the wind decided to change that weekend as well!  We were able to get out and Ellie and Anna were able to steer the boat and get a little feel for what lies ahead in the future.  We think they will love joining us from time to time and seeing different parts of the United States as well as the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

Ellie learning to steer

Ellie learning to steer

Anna learning to steer

Anna learning to steer

Pema exploring the boat!

Pema exploring the boat!

Ming and Pema about to jump ship!

Ming and Pema about to jump ship!

Crazy family!

Crazy family!


Family!  Heather, Anna, Papa, Nana & Ellie

We left the boat on November 5 and drove back to Breckenridge with Ming and Pema for the winter season.  It is our plan to cruise for about nine months out of the year.  We are not done skiing yet, so plan to come back to the mountains and ski for a few months.  We will be putting our cherished house on the market next Spring before we begin our “Next Dance” in life.  We are sad to leave our home, but we are so looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead.

Next Spring, follow us on our new adventures aboard Next Dance.  Until then, we will be hitting the slopes in the Rocky Mountains!

Pauline & Mark Masuhr


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